Maximilien’s at Pike Place Market

Maximilien’s  restaurant is a long time Seattle favorite. Originally run by Francoise Kissel and his wife Julia, I’ve been going to Maximilien’s for years! My mom and step-dad had a fantastic wedding party back in the 80’s. The chef made an amazing dessert of a which was a tower of creme puffs Croquembouche, glazed and wrapped with finely spun caramel.

Phone: 206-682-7270
81A Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98101

Maximilien’s is located in the Pike Place Market of Seattle, on the main floor, between Don and Joe’s Meat and the Market Spice shop. South of the fish mongers, (Pike Place Fish Co). Go to the Pig and then back to left side of the meat shop.

The atmosphere is warm and romantic. They have a large outdoor deck for the summer and early fall. The view is amazing, looking over the waterfront and right out to the giant ferris wheel. They have a tiny bar upstairs and a new bar on the main level.

Best ever: Mussels at Maximilien’s. They have several mussle recipes to choose from. Les moules Maximilien are mussels steamed with caramelized onions, parsley, white wine, and cream. These are from the regular menu, Penn Cove mussles, $18.00 with fries. It’s plenty for 2-4 to share as an appetizer and if it’s lunch or dinner for one you still may have a few to share. We re-created this recipe a couple times and also added Pernod which I think the waiter told us about.

I found a recipe at Weight Watchers for Mussels in Pernod and Cream.

Here is the rest of their menu if you want to take a peek.


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